Winter Concert Links


The above link will take you to the Rutter Magnificat tracks on the ‘CHORALIA’ website where you may listen to or download individual parts for each of the movements.
Three training levels are available: the first level, that only contains an individual part (say, alto), plus metronome clicks that help to learn the “tempo” and to understand the score; (merely click in the first column alongside the part that you want to access this level) the second level, where all the choir voices are present, however the individual part is emphasized in comparison to the others, using a higher volume; and the third level, where all the voices are synthesized with the same sound and with the same volume. Initially, the singer should learn their part using the first two levels, and then to test their knowledge of the music by singing over the third-level audio track. If the singer is able to sing their part without being mislead by the other voices, they are probably ready for group rehearsal. If not, more practice with first or second level tracks may be required.