Project Live On!

MRDCS had been part of Market Rasen and surrounding areas for 30 years. Going forwards it will continue to make history; But who will know this in many decades from now?

Choral society members, past and present, have a wealth of knowledge about MRDCS. Scrapbooks, cuttings, posters, tickets, memories, and stories are evidence of its existence and the role it has played – and continues to play – in the town and surrounding areas. Wouldn’t it be a shame if knowledge of its existence was be lost over time?

Project Live On! is a suggested initiative that will collate all the evidence and gather stories and put them into context over the past 30 years and make them available to the public.

We can expect to engage with the community in making Live On! happen and look forwards to working with the local newspaper, the heritage centre, the library, past venues, and other parts of the community who have been involved.

At this stage we are looking for ideas and thoughts on how we will make the project happen and what the outcome will be. After the May concert, we can get together and have a chat about the ideas put forward, see who is interested in being part of this, and start the first phase of identifying what we need to do, and which parties can be involved. Everyone has a part to play no matter how small or large.

I have approached the library and they are willing to help us; we can meet there, and they will help us find reference materials to see what was happening locally year by year.

What could you do between now and the end of May?  That’s easy.  Simply jot down your thoughts over the coming weeks. As May draws to a close then we will look at who is interested in taking part from the society and the community and then decide our first steps from there.

This should be a fun and interesting project to take part in and will be beneficial not just to MRDCS but to the whole community. And of course, will raise the society’s profile.

Looking forwards to your ideas and thoughts,

Keith Winnard

27th March 2019