Emma Says …..


Unfortunately Emma said not a word at this our first rehearsal of the new season! Sadly she was poorly but we were extremely grateful to Hilary who expertly guided us in some note bashing for our first attempts at the new works.

  • Magnificat – ‘Of a Rose, a lovely Rose’ – pp 22 – 27
  • Magnificat – ‘Magnificat anima mea’ – pp 1 – 4 Tenor/Bass – suggest writing words under your parts as it can be difficult to locate the words as written.
  • The Rose – pp 1 – 7 For 12/8 bars (p 1) count 4 in a bar. For 9/8 bars count 3 in a bar.


Magnificat – ‘Magnifcat Anima Mea’

  • Reminder to Tenor + Bass to write words beneath the line for clarity where necessary.
  • p 10 fig  J (bar 156) – Middle line to be sung by 2nd Sops + 1st Altos
  • p 10 – ‘an-cil-lae’ pronounced ‘an-chil-lae’

Magnificat – ‘Of a Rose, a Lovely Rose’

  • Note the small rests where they occur in your line which indicate that part is sung by voices other than your own…..e.g.  p 22 fig A – only Basses sing,  fig B only Tenors and Sopranos sing.   Suggest highlighting your line where necessary.

The Rose (Gjeilo)

  • Don’t try so hard, especially where you have the tune!


Magnificat – 4. Et Misericordia

  • Make sure to sing the recurring theme ‘et mi-se-ri-cor-di-a’ nice and smoothly  (legato e dolce)
  • Where ‘a pro-ge-ni-e’ occurs sing the last ‘e’ as ‘ay’.   Compare with ‘in pro-ge-ni-es’ where the last ‘es’ is sung as ‘ess’
  • As elsewhere in this edition, note where your part may be shown as small rests above or below the other part sharing the same stave, which is not always obvious.

Magnificat – 2. ‘Of a Rose, a Lovely Rose’

  • When all parts are singing together it may be necessary to sing a little quieter than marked.
  • Last note of bar 101 to end to be sung slower.   Watch!

The Rose (Gjeilo)see previous comments

We also had a run through of 3 Carols from the Orange Carol Book.   We’ve actually done all of these at some time in the past.

Page 16 – ‘Nativity Carol’
Page 100 – ‘Noel Nouvelet’  –  we will sing in English (at least for the timebeing)
Page 107 – ‘Sans Day Carol’

NEXT WEEK – Please remember to bring both Orange and Green Carol Books.


Magnificat – 5. Fecit Potentiam
Bar 27 – delete last quaver
Pronunciation :
Fe-cit po-ten-ti-am + Fae-kit po-ten-tsi-aam
Bra-chi-o = Bra-ki-o

Magnificat – 1. Magnificat Anima Mea
Reminder – p 10 fig  J (bar 156) – Middle line to be sung by 2nd Sops + 1st Altos. Note markings – p + legato!

The Rose (Gjeilo)

Orange Carol Book
Page 107 – ‘Sans Day Carol’
Page 16 – ‘Nativity Carol’ – Sound a soft ‘B’ for ‘Born in a stable….’    Try putting a ‘m’ in front of the ‘b’.