We’re already off to a cracking start. Over 30 singers signed up once again, and healthy stocks of Jaffa Cakes and Garibaldis ready for half-time nourishment.

This year’s theme is ‘Water’ so that includes everything from Drunken Sailors to Frogs and Japanese Fireflies! If we’re not careful crossing a Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Afton Water perhaps?) we might end up Wading in the Water. Or maybe it’s a Deep River …..could be the Orinoco, or maybe even the Rio (might have to seek the opinion of an Ol Man that knows about Rivers!). If we get out of our depth we could end up Sailing, perhaps even on a Sloop by the name of the John B, whilst the Tide Rises and Falls, and we get a soaking from Torrents in Summer.
Puzzled ……. Come and join us!

Many thanks to Emma for guiding us on this journey, ably accompanied by Hilary.