Notice of AGM

Welcome everyone, and a special welcome to any new members.  Notice is given that our AGM will be held during our usual rehearsal on Tuesday 29th January 2019

We are very keen to encourage participation in the running of the choir from everyone, new ideas and approaches will help to keep MRDCS successful and interesting. Please note that the Constitution specifies that Officers can serve for a maximum of 3 years only. It is your chance to make a difference. 

Each Officer and Committee member is elected for a term of one year, and nominations are invited for all the positions listed below.  Please ensure that you have the permission of the person you are nominating, and hand the attached nomination form to your Section Rep or to the Secretary before 29th January.  Nominations by email can also be accepted (contact Roz Wallis on

Current Trustees are:  Anne Clark, Jane Lloyd, Clive Ross

Current Committee Members are:  Anne Clark, Jane Lloyd, Clive Ross, Geoff Goddard, Roz Wallis, Iris Rowbotham, Judith Mackay, John Alexander, Sue Jefferson, Julia Cullen, Pat Kelway, Keith Winnard and Helen Horgan

Download the AGM 2019 documents: